Having Almost-Pets

Category Personal

Date 09·10·14

Tag squirrels pets photography animals

Pros: no extra housecleaning, free from captivity, still tons of cuteness.
Cons: irregular visits, possible vector for diseases.

Meet my unnamed squirrels. I think I have 3 or 4 of them - a shy juvenile, a cautious elderly and up to two wild horizontal-wall-crawling race cars. They live in the something-like-a-park thingy nearby and visit my balcony a few times a day. Keeping an extra bag of almond nuts around just for them (ok, I nibble some too).

The youngest is still scared of me and rarely stays for a meal. Others usually snack a few on the spot and then run off to hide the rest (the flowerpots next door are gaining weight).

squirrel laying one the edge of a balcony, facing the camerasquirrel laying one the edge of a balcony

squirrel eating in the sunlightprofile view of a squirrel eating almond

squirrel turning to face the camerasquirrel on the corner of a balcony

squirrel eating on the corner of a balconyprofile close up of a squirrel eating

squirrel facing the camerasquirrel tilting its head with an almond in its mouth

squirrel approaching an almond on the edge of a balconysquirrel eating in the corner, side view

squirrel eating an almondsquirrel finishing an almond

a closer view of a squirrel and its tailsquirrel sitting and eating

As a bonus I made a 372 frame gif animation!

a long squirrel animation preview

(Click to see the full version ~25mb)