Several years ago the overall variety of stuff that interest me just took off, violently like a rapid combustion. This is a place where the bits and pieces will land as I filter through the ever growing amount of information out there.

Picture this...




I'm here to share some tips, analysis and original content from social- to computer science. I hope to provoke the way you see the world, invite you to start a discussion.. or at least entartain you. So it's surely a win-win situation.


Hi, my name is Jaak Kütt. I'm a (web)developer... with a bachelor's in psychology! Yes, that means I can read your mind. Starting out as a freelancer to somewhat support my studies ended up landing me a junior position in a small webdev company and kept me hooked to the software industry since then. Professionally I've mostly had to deal with proprietary code and that's something I want to change, rather sooner than later. I'm looking for ways to increase my involvement in open source community... or take a closer look at entrepreneurship - those are the things the cool kids do these days right?

Although I primarily specialize in writing JavaScript and PHP with the aim of improving my understanding about the middle ground of software architecture, business logic and data models I take a keen interest in every aspect a project touches. I'm well acquainted with MySQL and UI&X, communicate my ideas clearly and don't have a problem with picking up new skills as I go.


On to the secret agenda

to promoting public understanding of science and technology!

(one nullion is equal to 0,000,000)


If you would like to get in contact (regarding a project proposal, have a question or simply to say Hi) email me [jaak at kytt dot ee]. My local timezone is utc+2 (Estonia) and I'll try to post a reply pretty much within a day or so.


P.S. on my regular journey of some distance to and from one's place of work I usually consume a podcast or a few. Here's a non-comprehensive collection of links out to the webs: In Our Timeomega tauTWiTSE-RadioPHP Town Hall and /dev/hell.

P.S.2 some old in Estonian from the previous version of this site can be found here.