Jaak Kütt

Software Developer
Tallinn, Estonia


Hi, my name is Jaak, and I am a simple man, I see a cat picture on the internet, I click like. I am genuinely a nerdy and friendly person. I love space, science and science fiction... and this is the really important part -> cats.

During my psychology studies I noticed that instead of individual people I was more interested in groups and organizations. For a while I thought it was a good idea to take a closer look at leadership and entrepreneurship. It wasn't. Bits which attracted me the most were systems and connections between them and thus that little hobby and means of covering my living expenses called software development finally got all of my attention.


  • Developer at Guardtime (2023 - ...)
  • Developer at TalTech (2020 - 2021)
  • Developer at Bigbank (2015 - 2020)
  • Developer / Analyst at Musex (2013 - 2015)
  • Developer at Almic (2012 - 2013)
  • Developer at Mikare Net (2011 - 2012)


  • CS, Master's at Tallinn University of Technology (2022 - ...)
  • Informatics, BSE at Tallinn University of Technology (2019 - 2022)
  • Psychology, BA at Tallinn University (2007 - 2012)


  • Java, PHP, Python, JavaScript, SQL
  • Docker, OKD, Kubernetes
  • Spring, Laravel



  • Science & technology
  • Photography
  • PC Games
  • Boardgames


  • jaak.kytt@gmail.com