When I ramble

There is a limit to what I'm willing to tell to your face. Some may not apply to you. Some you may disagree with and I understand that. Some may hurt and I do apologize.

You will not be granted a stay awhile and listen achievement for sticking around here.

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Paleo Dating

Some home brew but totally scientific sounding psychologists are proud to announce a new 8 week course on Paleo Dating™! Forget what your parents, friends or society has been telling you on subjects like "how to find the ideal mate", "13 simple steps to win his/her heart" or "hygiene tips for down there" - for as little as 800€ let us teach you how the ancient caveman/lady did it. Call us at 555-5555 for ALL your motorcycle maintenance and modification needs, from mild to wild! P.S. for those ...

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